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Why Bathtub-to-Shower Conversions Are Beneficial

Have you ever considered converting your bathtub into a shower? It might sound like a lot of work and money, but it is definitely worth it. The benefits of bathtub-to-shower conversions include improved safety, water conservation, and much more. Read on to learn more about the top 5 reasons you should consider this renovation. 

1. Showers Are Safer Than Tubs

Bathtubs can be a safety hazard, especially for little kids and the older population. You are required to take a large step over the tub, which can result in slipping and injuring yourself. A shower is much more accessible. With just a simple small step into the shower you are less likely to slip. Add a seat or a handlebar to make it even more safe!

2. Showers Conserve More Water

Energy and water bills are not cheap nowadays. Filling up your tub can be a timely and pricey process. It can take up to 5 minutes to fill up the tub before you even get in it, wasting water and energy. With a shower, you can speed up the bathing process by hopping in and out. You do not have to let the water run for too long, and therefore save money, time, and energy.

3. Showers Improve Spacing

The average bathroom is not very big. In such a tight space, it is very helpful to design your bathroom in a strategic, spacious way. A bulky bathtub takes up a lot more space than a shower. A shower actually provides you with more surface area to bathe, while simultaneously making the room feel much more open.

4. Better For Your Skin

Baths can be very relaxing, but they are not the most beneficial to skin health. Soaking in a tub full of hot water can rid you of the important oils your skin naturally produces. Showers on the other hand, provide you with enough water contact to keep you clean, without stripping your skin of oils. 

5. Give Your Bathroom a Modern Look

It’s no lie that showers have a more modern, clean aesthetic than bathtubs. If you are looking for an up-to-date look in your bathroom, a shower is the way to go. 

Consider Converting Your Bathtub

After learning more about the advantages of a shower, you are probably realizing that showers have some great benefits compared to the traditional bathtub. Contact D&L Builders today to schedule a consultation! Our team can answer all questions you have about the entire conversion process. Check out our finished projects to help get you an idea of what your bathroom can look like.