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Room Addition

In this project, we had the pleasure of helping Steve achieve his home goals by adding an additional room to his house which was 60 sq. ft.

An additional room can be added to a home by either building it from scratch or converting an existing space in the house.

A room can be converted by making use of the floor area which is not being used or by removing walls. For example, if there is a porch that has stairs that lead to the ground, then it could be converted into a bedroom. A bathroom could also be converted into a bedroom if there is no other living space in the house and no space for a new room to be added.

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92104 San Diego, CA

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Steve Z. 

Adding an additional room is a simple and economical way to add space, especially if you live in a two-bedroom apartment.

If you are living in a small house or an apartment, adding an additional room is the simplest and most economical way to increase the size of your home.

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Gonen K.

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Ethan S.

Project Manager
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Niv C.

Project Manager

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Got my 2 bathrooms remodeling by D&L Builders and I have to admit that the job was done in the best way I can ever ask for, from the moment I called them to the next step of them showing in my house...
Tom R.
August 9, 2021
Let me tell you something it's not easy to make a decision like renewing your kitchen it's a big part of the house maybe the most important one and it's hard to make the decision of what kind of style..
Ruth B.
July 24, 2021
I'm in love with my new kitchen! Sending a shout out to the amazing team at D&L for their impeccable home remodeling work and their attention to customer service. My husband and I must have had half...
Sara L.
August 3, 2021

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