Top 4 Trends in Home Remodeling

If you’re interested in refreshing your living space, consider the latest trends for inspiration. The world of home design is currently buzzing with excitement, offering opportunities for personal expression. Classic styles are resurging alongside the incorporation of luxury elements in bold colors, metal finishes, and exposed construction.

To help you get started on future home projects, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite home design trends that we’ve seen lately. From the understated to the bold to the space-saving, we have you covered.

Custom Home Design

Home design is once again shifting. This time, away from the sterile, white aesthetic, to a more personalized feel as homeowners seek customization in their homes. Whether it be for aesthetics or functionality, custom home design is coming back in full swing. Trend watchers are seeing that, following the pandemic, people are catering to their at-home needs, and naturally, their decor choices model this shift.

Outdoor Living Rooms

Outdoor spaces are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in Southern California. Wood decks, stone patios and multi-tiered landscaping are just a few ways homeowners are sprucing up their yards. With mild year-round temperatures, these improvements don’t have to be made seasonally! An addition of an outdoor kitchen can turn your backyard into an extension of your living room, capable of hosting and entertaining friends and family. Many also opt for tasteful cabanas or sun shades to protect their sitting areas from the harsh midday sun. Aside from a total remodel, some are popularizing DIY projects like restaining decks or creating raised planter gardens.

Multi-Use Appliances

With the average home size shrinking, homeowners are finding new ways to make the most of their square footage. An easy way to do this is by investing in multi-use appliances that take up the space of just one appliance but can do the work or many. Combination washers and dryers can save some serious laundry room space, and a ‘drove’ combination oven and air fryer can give you extra counter space. 

Spa Bathrooms

In the era of self-care, bathrooms have evolved from a sort of ‘work space’ to a place of rest and relaxation. Spa-like accents like plunge tubs, towel warmers, and bidets are a few additions that can turn your bathroom into a sanctuary of peace. With this shift, we are seeing an emphasis on warmer, more inviting spaces with cozy colors, artwork, and relaxing editions of aromatherapy, candles, and incense. 

It’s safe to say that comfort and customization are back in style as more are trending toward creating spaces that serve their needs, while displaying their style and personality.Whether you want a simple new tile installation in your bathroom or a full outdoor makeover, D & L can help you create your dream home. Contact us to start talking about sprucing up your spaces.