How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Are you dreaming of a new bathroom? Bathroom remodels take all different forms depending on the scope of the project. Whether it is a simple countertop replacement or a full remodel, renovations have been found to increase home value profoundly. 2024 estimates say that the average national bathroom remodel cost is $11,533, but costs can range between $6,624 and $16,922.

Renovation vs. Remodel

Renovations and remodels are not the same, though they are often used interchangeably. The concept is the same—altering a space so that it looks different. However, on a structural level, there are many differences between the two.


Renovation works within a space to modernize, refresh, cosmetically or functionally improve the space. This can be subtle changes, like replacing drawer handles and shower rods with a different metal finish, or it could be a larger project. Renovations do not include what you think of as ‘construction’. In other words, the “bones” of the bathroom stay the same while the cosmetics change. 


Remodeling is essentially a blend of renovation and construction. It entails substantial alterations to the bathroom’s layout, design, and functionality. This often includes modifying the floor plan and reworking plumbing before updating the bathroom’s fixtures. For instance, if the project requires removing a wall to reconfigure and enlarge the area, possibly incorporating an adjacent closet, then it is categorized as a remodel. Similarly, relocating major plumbing elements beneath the floor to install extra sinks, or shifting a bathtub or shower to a new location, falls under remodeling. Such endeavors demand extensive construction and structural modifications, necessitating significant electrical, plumbing, and construction permits.

Primary Cost Factors

Bathroom Size

Smaller bathrooms require less material and are usually cheaper to remodel. However, although the space is smaller, this means materials must be measured and cut to a smaller size, often leading to quite a bit of material waste. This can be an unexpected cost that drives up the price of your remodel. 

Project Scope

The scope of your project is partially dependent on the materials you pick. A can light is obviously going to be less expensive than a massive chandelier. Depending on the size and material, a countertop can range from $400 to $4,300. Your materials and fixtures can put a huge dent in your remodel budget, so be smart with your choices.


The average bathroom costs around $11,533, but this all depends on the cost of materials and labor in your location. San Diego’s costs will be higher than other places in the country because of the relatively high cost of living. Sourcing local stones and countertops can reduce costs and give your home a local feel. 

Labor and Permits

On average, the labor cost to remodel a bathroom works out to $50 to $75 per hour, and it usually makes up around 50% of the budget. Homeowners can potentially save on the labor cost of replacing a toilet, painting the bathroom, or putting in new hardware by doing it themselves.  A renovation can probably be done (at least partially) by yourself, but it would be smart to employ a professional to handle construction, plumbing, and electrical issues. For more involved jobs, a contractor, plumber, and electrician may be necessary. It’s a good idea for homeowners to hire a general contractor for larger jobs, but it’s worth noting that they will charge about 10 percent to 20 percent of the total project cost.

Benefits of Bathroom Remodels

  • Increased home value: A bathroom remodel could yield a 50% to 70% return on investment.
  • Decreased safety hazards: An outdated bathroom could be hiding all kinds of safety hazards. A new bathroom built with current standards can protect the bones of your house from safety hazards like water damage.
  • Up-to-date design: There’s nothing better than a new bathroom. A modern design can increase your home value and create a more enjoyable space.

Why Choose D&L Builders for Your Bathroom Remodel

Our talented team of experts with over ten years of experience have developed the best strategies and practices in home building and remodeling. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Contact us to learn how we can help make your bathroom beautiful!

Top 5 Bathroom Trends of 2023

Home renovations are a great way to customize your space, increase the value of your home, and create a more comfortable living environment. One part of the home that can be tricky to work with is a bathroom. The average bathroom is a small space, so major renovations can be limited. However, this does not mean you can’t level up your bathrooms with simple changes! Let’s talk about some of the top bathroom trends of 2023 that can give your bathroom a glow up.

Switch Up Your Mirror

Upgrading the mirror in your bathroom can make a big difference. In 2023, we have seen a trend of rounded mirrors for a soft look. Not only will a new mirror change up the look of your bathroom, but many mirrors now come with some pretty cool features such as LED adjustable lighting, and anti-fog technology.

Neutral, Warm Tones

Neutral, warm toned bathrooms have grown in popularity in 2023. Going from ocean colors and cooler tones to light and warm neutral colors creates a comforting and homey feel. Another perk of lighter neutral tones is that they give an illusion of a more spacious area.

Add Texture

Another bathroom trend of 2023 is texture. Adding a textured backsplash or shower wall can create a really unique, chic look, especially if your bathroom consists of neutral tones. It adds some depth!

Freestanding Bathtub

Freestanding deep tubs have been a hit in 2023. A freestanding tub is not always feasible or possible for small bathrooms, but if you have the space, it creates a spa-like environment. 

Marble Statements

Marble tile or countertops in a bathroom have always been a classic trend. Marble creates a timeless look and makes your bathroom stand out. It’s the perfect look for someone ready to change up their one-toned white bathroom. 

Call D&L Builders

Bathroom renovations don’t have to be massive, difficult projects. Changing up something as simple as the mirror, paint, countertops, or bathtub can make the world of a difference. If you are looking to renovate your bathroom, D&L Builders is here to help! From small changes to complete renovation of your bathroom, D&L Builders San Diego will ensure a quality result.