4 Best Garage Conversion Ideas


Garages are often overlooked spaces that have huge potential for a transformation. Many households use garages for storage of things that are no longer needed. If you do not use your garage for the purpose of parking cars, you might consider turning it into a space that can be useful for something else! Let’s go over 4 awesome ideas for a garage conversion that can enhance your space.


Have you ever dreamed of having an at-home gym? It is possible! A garage is the perfect space to transform into a gym. An at home gym can save you money on a monthly gym membership, and add value to your home as well. Some recommendations for garage- to-gym conversion (besides obvious equipment) include rubber flooring, wall mirrors, a TV, a speaker for music, a large fan or AC unit, and more!

Home Office

Remote jobs are becoming more and more common. Working from home can be seen as a luxury, but some people struggle with not having enough space to work. If you do not have an extra room in your home to designate as an office, and you don’t utilize your garage, consider a garage conversion! A garage is the perfect space for an at home office. In addition to a desk and chair, replace the flooring or add large area rugs, add windows to your garage door for natural light, and personalize the space with decor!

Play Room for Kids

Let’s be real…kids are mess makers. Your living room can easily turn into a full blown playroom in a matter of minutes. If you have a garage that isn’t being utilized, why not transform it into a designated play room? First, pick the flooring. Adding carpet can create a comfortable, homey atmosphere. You can also add foam puzzle piece flooring. This makes for an easy cleanup and acts as a cushion for younger children. After flooring, add in some lighting, decorations, and seating, and of course, toys and activities!

Man Cave

One of the most fun garage conversions is a man cave for the adults! Add flooring, lighting, and seating for comfortability. You can keep it simple and stick with a standard living room set up, or spice it up by adding a pool table, bar, darts, etc.

Choose D&L Builders

At D&L Builders, no remodel project is too big or too small. We have decades of combined experience and have completed remodeling projects of all types. If you’re looking for more information about garage conversion remodeling services , contact us today at (858) 522-9603 to schedule a consultation.

Home Remodeling Trends for 2024

Like many life events, the decision to remodel and renovate your home is an exciting yet stressful project. With so many options to add new spaces to your home, it can be helpful to see what other homeowners are doing by checking out current trends. Given the recent changes in the global and economic environments, renovation plans are projected to increase as homeowners look toward technology, innovation, and improved spaces. So with homeowners looking for more remodeling options, what current trends are growing?

Below are 5 remodeling trends to look out for in 2024:

Use of Eco-conscious Materials

The increased costs and challenges of obtaining raw materials caused suppliers, builders, and remodeling companies to look toward alternative solutions. Factor this in with a new focus on carbon footprint reduction, many homeowners are now turning toward sustainable development methods to make their homes more environmentally efficient. Recent surveys state that over 75% of new remodels are prioritizing a transition to eco-friendly elements such as energy-efficient windows, recycled building materials, and solar-powered systems. With new incentives being given for sustainable homes, look for this trend to continue to rise beyond 2024.

Renovations with Smart Appliances

The demand for smart appliances continues to rise as the use of automation devices meets the growing desire to simplify life. Smart appliances provide the convenience of being controlled from anywhere via smartphone or tablet. This allows users to receive notifications, control devices, and become aware of potential issues that could go unnoticed. Most importantly, smart appliances are proving to be very useful for reducing energy consumption. As new technology advances make smart appliances more accessible, the number of renovators seeking them in their homes will continue to increase over time.

Renovations Over New Builds

In 2023, we saw a significant increase in home prices and mortgage rates which made new home purchases more costly. For many who benefited from low interest rates in the past, it makes more sense financially to remodel their existing home instead of purchasing a new one. Homeowners with a need for more living spaces are reassessing their options and turning toward alternatives such as garage conversions and ADUs. Also, with construction loans commanding higher interest rates, home buyers seeking new builds are finding it easier to purchase existing homes and complete a full remodel. With interest rates projected to remain high in 2024, expect more existing homeowners to look toward remodeling over purchasing a new home.

Increased Desire for Outdoor Space

Over the last few years, more and more homeowners are seeking to improve their outdoor living. But as mentioned above, the recent rise in mortgage rates has made new home purchases more costly causing homeowners to reassess their existing space instead. Residents are looking towards home remodeling to provide innovative solutions to integrate new outdoor spaces into their current homes. Spaces such as rooftop lounges, balconies, and decks are becoming increasingly popular. Look for homeowners to get more creative with their exterior spaces as the desire to be outside continues to grow.

Choosing the Right Remodeling Solution for You

Whether it’s the desire to simplify home living, the aspiration for improved outdoor space, or the need for more living space, existing homeowners will continue to look toward remodeling to improve their homes. These projected trends will continue to grow throughout 2024 with many homeowners shifting their preference to convert their homes to become more environmentally efficient. Whatever your needs are, it is important to find the right remodeling service provider that can meet your expectations. 

At D&L Builders, no remodel project is too big or too small. We have decades of combined experience and have completed remodeling projects of all types. We prioritize sustainable building solutions and have reputable suppliers that provide recycled materials and more. 

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Top 5 Bathroom Trends of 2023

Home renovations are a great way to customize your space, increase the value of your home, and create a more comfortable living environment. One part of the home that can be tricky to work with is a bathroom. The average bathroom is a small space, so major renovations can be limited. However, this does not mean you can’t level up your bathrooms with simple changes! Let’s talk about some of the top bathroom trends of 2023 that can give your bathroom a glow up.

Switch Up Your Mirror

Upgrading the mirror in your bathroom can make a big difference. In 2023, we have seen a trend of rounded mirrors for a soft look. Not only will a new mirror change up the look of your bathroom, but many mirrors now come with some pretty cool features such as LED adjustable lighting, and anti-fog technology.

Neutral, Warm Tones

Neutral, warm toned bathrooms have grown in popularity in 2023. Going from ocean colors and cooler tones to light and warm neutral colors creates a comforting and homey feel. Another perk of lighter neutral tones is that they give an illusion of a more spacious area.

Add Texture

Another bathroom trend of 2023 is texture. Adding a textured backsplash or shower wall can create a really unique, chic look, especially if your bathroom consists of neutral tones. It adds some depth!

Freestanding Bathtub

Freestanding deep tubs have been a hit in 2023. A freestanding tub is not always feasible or possible for small bathrooms, but if you have the space, it creates a spa-like environment. 

Marble Statements

Marble tile or countertops in a bathroom have always been a classic trend. Marble creates a timeless look and makes your bathroom stand out. It’s the perfect look for someone ready to change up their one-toned white bathroom. 

Call D&L Builders

Bathroom renovations don’t have to be massive, difficult projects. Changing up something as simple as the mirror, paint, countertops, or bathtub can make the world of a difference. If you are looking to renovate your bathroom, D&L Builders is here to help! From small changes to complete renovation of your bathroom, D&L Builders San Diego will ensure a quality result.

The Top 3 Kitchen Trends of 2023

As we all know, trends are ever changing. Every year new trends emerge, and old ones are left behind. When it comes to kitchen remodels, some like to go with the latest trends, while others branch out and go for a more unique look. Ultimately, a remodel is an investment, and you want to choose a look that is right for you. After all, you are the one seeing it every day! In 2023, there have been multiple trends for kitchen designs. Let’s take a look at the top 3. 

Two-Toned Cabinets

One trend seen in 2023 is two-toned cabinets. Picking two complementary colors for your cabinets is a great way to create contrast and depth in your kitchen. For a softer look, paint your upper cabinets white and your lower cabinets gray. If you want to go bold, try black and white. Some other common color duos for cabinets are white and sage green, white and royal blue, forest green and brown wood, and cream and navy. 

Natural Wood Cabinets

Natural wood cabinets are another trend seen in 2023. While it’s a simple look, it creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. This trend is a staple look that gives you a lot of creative room to incorporate other colors with appliances, rugs, backsplash, dish towels, etc. With natural wood, you can also stain the cabinets over time to switch up the tone.

Dark, Matte Finished Cabinets

Dark, matte cabinets are growing increasingly popular for homeowners wanting to add a modern look to their kitchen. The dark matte appearance creates an elegant, intimate vibe. It is common to pair the dark cabinets with lighter countertops for contrast. 

Trust D&L Builders

There are endless options when it comes to kitchen design. When choosing a design, consider the colors and tones that you can see yourself enjoying over time. Trends come and go, so don’t feel pressure to follow them! When you are ready to upgrade your kitchen, D&L Builders is here for you. Our team of professionals manage your remodel from the moment you call us until the end of the project. Call us today at 858-727-4509 for top-notch remodeling services! 

Types Of Wood Flooring to Choose From

Over the years, wood has become a much more desirable flooring option in homes for multiple reasons. One being that it gives a home a modern, sleek appearance. Wood floors are also much easier to clean compared to carpeting. Families with dogs and children can be worry free when it comes to spills and accidents. Lastly, wood offers a lot of aesthetic and functional variety. Wood flooring can be separated into three categories. Solid wood, engineered wood, and faux-wood. Let’s explore the different types and their unique advantages.

Solid Wood

Solid wood consists of planks made out of soft wood or hardwood. It’s known for its durability and luxury appearance, making it a costly option. However, solid wood can be a great investment as it can last up to 100 years.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood has a very similar appearance to solid wood, however each plank is made out of a combination of real wood, plywood, scrap wood, and other materials. Because it is not purely composed of real solid wood, it is less expensive. Engineered wood is not waterproof, however, it can withstand moisture better than solid wood and has a moderately long lifespan of up to 30 years.

Faux Wood

Faux wood is made out of non-wood substances that give it a similar appearance to wood. Here are the different types:


Bamboo flooring is a great eco-friendly wood alternative. It is somewhat simple to install and can handle a lot of moisture. However, bamboo However, bamboo is susceptible to scratching and cracking, giving it a shorter lifespan of 10-25 years.


Laminate floor planks are made of multiple layers of substances. The base of the plank is made out of fiberwood, or wood-chip composite. The second layer is called the image layer, which gives the plank the appearance of real wood. On top, there is a transparent layer to give it a finished look. Laminate is scratch resistant and much more affordable than solid wood, but does not handle moisture well.


Vinyl planks are composed of synthetic materials that mimic the look of wood. Vinyl is cost-friendly and waterproof. The only downside is that its appearance is not as persuasive as solid wood.


Ceramic tile is made out of porcelain and coated with wood-like paint or glaze. It is waterproof and more affordable than real wood. Ceramic tile is also resistant to scratches. Similar to vinyl, ceramic tile may not look as similar to wood compared to laminate or bamboo, but is sturdy and long lasting.

Schedule a Consultation

After learning about different wood flooring options, hopefully you have a better idea of which type best fits your lifestyle. Each has its pros and cons, but overall, these options are all easy to clean, aesthetically pleasing, and maintainable. If you are in need of flooring installation, don’t hesitate to call D&L Builders for a consultation! Our team is dedicated to providing quality services that will always leave you pleased. 

Why Bathtub-to-Shower Conversions Are Beneficial

Have you ever considered converting your bathtub into a shower? It might sound like a lot of work and money, but it is definitely worth it. The benefits of bathtub-to-shower conversions include improved safety, water conservation, and much more. Read on to learn more about the top 5 reasons you should consider this renovation. 

1. Showers Are Safer Than Tubs

Bathtubs can be a safety hazard, especially for little kids and the older population. You are required to take a large step over the tub, which can result in slipping and injuring yourself. A shower is much more accessible. With just a simple small step into the shower you are less likely to slip. Add a seat or a handlebar to make it even more safe!

2. Showers Conserve More Water

Energy and water bills are not cheap nowadays. Filling up your tub can be a timely and pricey process. It can take up to 5 minutes to fill up the tub before you even get in it, wasting water and energy. With a shower, you can speed up the bathing process by hopping in and out. You do not have to let the water run for too long, and therefore save money, time, and energy.

3. Showers Improve Spacing

The average bathroom is not very big. In such a tight space, it is very helpful to design your bathroom in a strategic, spacious way. A bulky bathtub takes up a lot more space than a shower. A shower actually provides you with more surface area to bathe, while simultaneously making the room feel much more open.

4. Better For Your Skin

Baths can be very relaxing, but they are not the most beneficial to skin health. Soaking in a tub full of hot water can rid you of the important oils your skin naturally produces. Showers on the other hand, provide you with enough water contact to keep you clean, without stripping your skin of oils. 

5. Give Your Bathroom a Modern Look

It’s no lie that showers have a more modern, clean aesthetic than bathtubs. If you are looking for an up-to-date look in your bathroom, a shower is the way to go. 

Consider Converting Your Bathtub

After learning more about the advantages of a shower, you are probably realizing that showers have some great benefits compared to the traditional bathtub. Contact D&L Builders today to schedule a consultation! Our team can answer all questions you have about the entire conversion process. Check out our finished projects to help get you an idea of what your bathroom can look like.

What to Know Before Deciding to Add An Additional Room

Adding a room addition to your house is a terrific method to enhance the amount of living space available in your home. However, it is essential that you take a few aspects into consideration before proceeding. Everything you need to know about room additions will be guided by D & L Builders Inc, so you may have the ideal house addition.

Room Additions Feature a Variety of Types

There are many different types of home additions that you may include in your home design. That is why it is critical that you carefully explore all of the numerous alternatives available to you before deciding which house addition is the greatest fit for your property. A second bedroom, an office, or a family room may be created with the additional space available. There are two options for increasing the amount of space available in your house by expanding or increasing the size of the structure. When determining which path to pursue, take the time to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option before deciding which one would work best for your family.

Working on a Plan

Construction of a house expansion is often the most popular option for homeowners. It entails the construction of an additional room on the ground floor. The perimeter of the home is extended outwards as a result of this procedure. So, if you decide to go this path, be sure that you are prepared to give up some yard space and construct a new foundation in order to do so. Homeowners who don’t utilize their yard on a regular basis could find this to be a viable solution.

Building Up

Building upwards is a great method to increase your living space without having to give up any yard space. It has no effect on the size of your house’s footprint. A room may be added to the second level of your home, or you can build a full second story onto a single-story home if you perform this kind of addition. This method also eliminates the need for you to pour a second layer of foundation. All that will be required is that you strengthen the current foundation to ensure that the home can withstand the additional weight that will be placed on it.

Zoning Restrictions

Remember to verify the zoning limitations in your area before beginning the building process or adding a room to your home. There are restrictions on how high you may construct a house, as well as what you can build on your land and where you can build it in certain cities. It is important to look into these limits since you do not want to invest money into anything that is prohibited from receiving funds. If it is prohibited in your city, you would be required to remove it from the internet. We suggest that you deal with competent specialists who are familiar with the zoning and development regulations in your individual city. You will have peace of mind knowing that everything is being done correctly, which will save you money in the long run.

Blend the Addition to Your Home

Every one of us has probably seen houses with haphazard room extensions that stand out like sore thumbs in a crowd. When people can plainly see that a room addition was built to a house after the fact, it is not a good thing. Houses must have a pleasing appearance; therefore, making sure that the room expansion does not make your home seem odd is critical. If you are going to make the investment in a room expansion, make sure you do it the proper way the first time. You should think about matching the kinds of flooring you have, the roof shingles, and other elements of your home’s decor. As the last point, you want to make sure that the window and door trim match the rest of your property as precisely as possible.

Increasing the Monetary Value of Your Home

While room expansions are a significant financial commitment, they will ultimately raise the total value of your property. In general, increasing the total square footage of your house will be beneficial to your property. Home extensions are always a fantastic property improvement option to consider for any home, whether you’re trying to sell it or just want to make your home a more pleasant place to live for your family.

Most people’s dream is to own a house, and there are many factors that influence their decision. As time passes and a family’s demands change, it may become essential to consider adding an extra room to the house or acquiring a bigger property. After careful evaluation, contacting a home addition contractor may be the best answer for more room.

A room addition is an excellent method to remodel your house and provide you with the conveniences and space you’ve been looking for.

Creating a room addition from the ground up is a difficult undertaking, and it is critical to choose the correct design construction team and contractor to manage the project and conduct the work.

1. Multiple Possibilities

More space is frequently high on the wish list when it comes to upgrading a house, and a room addition is a logical option. A bedroom addition will provide you with square footage for a number of uses, such as an extra bedroom, home office, bigger bathroom, workshop or hobby area, or additional living space. The extra room may be used for one thing right now and then for something else later.

2. More Room for Family Members

Although first-time homebuyers may purchase a new house with immediate requirements in mind, a home addition will give extra room for a growing family if and when children arrive or space is required to accommodate a parent or other family member. When out-of-town friends or family come to visit, an expansion will provide the option of a guest room.

3. The Added Value of a House Addition

Depending on the size of the property, a room addition might increase its value. A three-bedroom house is unquestionably more valuable than a two-bedroom one. Adding space for use as a home office or exercise area will also draw notice if and when the time comes to sell the house.

4. A Cost-Effective Moving Method

Perhaps you enjoy your house and the area, but you’ve outgrown it? Relocating to a new house entails establishing new habits and enrolling children in multiple schools. Not to mention the packing and unpacking that goes along with relocating. When more space is required, adding another bedroom and bathroom to your home would most likely be less costly than packing everything up, paying a mover, or collecting family and friends to assist relocate and transferring somewhere. The building process may take a bit longer than the moving process, but with careful planning and execution of the project by a Professional home addition contractor, a room addition will be less disruptive.

5. Natural Light Can Be Increased or Improved With a Room Addition

It is often desirable to enhance the natural light in the house, which may be achieved by installing a sunroom. It will also bring more natural light into adjacent rooms and regions that might otherwise be gloomy. A sunroom will enable you to catch warmth and light, saving you money on your energy cost. A sunroom allows family members and guests to enjoy the great outdoors while remaining comfortable and protected from the elements such as rain, snow, or wind. This extra room will serve as a place for family members to congregate for group activities as well as a place for fun and leisure.

6. Additional Capabilities

Depending on where the room addition is located, it may assist reduce wear and tear in other sections of the house, particularly in heavy traffic areas. A room expansion is often used to provide quiet zones in places that would otherwise be prone to foot traffic or gathering locations. It may be utilized for a variety of purposes, such as a guest room, home office, or children’s playroom. There’s always the possibility of adding that master suite you’ve been eyeing.

When you’re ready to start serious about a home addition project, call us and allow our experts to walk you through the steps to make it a fun and exciting experience for you. Each project is unique, and we work directly with you to design and space plan the home addition solution that fulfills your requirements, wants, and preferences while also staying within your budget.
All things considered, it is critical that you consider all of the criteria listed above before making a decision on how you will proceed with your room expansion project. Adding more rooms to your house may be a difficult task, which is why you can rely on D & L Builders Inc to do the job correctly. Each step of home remodeling requires experience, and we have the resources and expertise to complete the project on time and within your budget. If you are interested in adding a room addition to your house, please contact us or visit our website for more information.