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4 Best Garage Conversion Ideas


Garages are often overlooked spaces that have huge potential for a transformation. Many households use garages for storage of things that are no longer needed. If you do not use your garage for the purpose of parking cars, you might consider turning it into a space that can be useful for something else! Let’s go over 4 awesome ideas for a garage conversion that can enhance your space.


Have you ever dreamed of having an at-home gym? It is possible! A garage is the perfect space to transform into a gym. An at home gym can save you money on a monthly gym membership, and add value to your home as well. Some recommendations for garage- to-gym conversion (besides obvious equipment) include rubber flooring, wall mirrors, a TV, a speaker for music, a large fan or AC unit, and more!

Home Office

Remote jobs are becoming more and more common. Working from home can be seen as a luxury, but some people struggle with not having enough space to work. If you do not have an extra room in your home to designate as an office, and you don’t utilize your garage, consider a garage conversion! A garage is the perfect space for an at home office. In addition to a desk and chair, replace the flooring or add large area rugs, add windows to your garage door for natural light, and personalize the space with decor!

Play Room for Kids

Let’s be real…kids are mess makers. Your living room can easily turn into a full blown playroom in a matter of minutes. If you have a garage that isn’t being utilized, why not transform it into a designated play room? First, pick the flooring. Adding carpet can create a comfortable, homey atmosphere. You can also add foam puzzle piece flooring. This makes for an easy cleanup and acts as a cushion for younger children. After flooring, add in some lighting, decorations, and seating, and of course, toys and activities!

Man Cave

One of the most fun garage conversions is a man cave for the adults! Add flooring, lighting, and seating for comfortability. You can keep it simple and stick with a standard living room set up, or spice it up by adding a pool table, bar, darts, etc.

Choose D&L Builders

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