Home Remodeling Trends for 2024

Like many life events, the decision to remodel and renovate your home is an exciting yet stressful project. With so many options to add new spaces to your home, it can be helpful to see what other homeowners are doing by checking out current trends. Given the recent changes in the global and economic environments, renovation plans are projected to increase as homeowners look toward technology, innovation, and improved spaces. So with homeowners looking for more remodeling options, what current trends are growing?

Below are 5 remodeling trends to look out for in 2024:

Use of Eco-conscious Materials

The increased costs and challenges of obtaining raw materials caused suppliers, builders, and remodeling companies to look toward alternative solutions. Factor this in with a new focus on carbon footprint reduction, many homeowners are now turning toward sustainable development methods to make their homes more environmentally efficient. Recent surveys state that over 75% of new remodels are prioritizing a transition to eco-friendly elements such as energy-efficient windows, recycled building materials, and solar-powered systems. With new incentives being given for sustainable homes, look for this trend to continue to rise beyond 2024.

Renovations with Smart Appliances

The demand for smart appliances continues to rise as the use of automation devices meets the growing desire to simplify life. Smart appliances provide the convenience of being controlled from anywhere via smartphone or tablet. This allows users to receive notifications, control devices, and become aware of potential issues that could go unnoticed. Most importantly, smart appliances are proving to be very useful for reducing energy consumption. As new technology advances make smart appliances more accessible, the number of renovators seeking them in their homes will continue to increase over time.

Renovations Over New Builds

In 2023, we saw a significant increase in home prices and mortgage rates which made new home purchases more costly. For many who benefited from low interest rates in the past, it makes more sense financially to remodel their existing home instead of purchasing a new one. Homeowners with a need for more living spaces are reassessing their options and turning toward alternatives such as garage conversions and ADUs. Also, with construction loans commanding higher interest rates, home buyers seeking new builds are finding it easier to purchase existing homes and complete a full remodel. With interest rates projected to remain high in 2024, expect more existing homeowners to look toward remodeling over purchasing a new home.

Increased Desire for Outdoor Space

Over the last few years, more and more homeowners are seeking to improve their outdoor living. But as mentioned above, the recent rise in mortgage rates has made new home purchases more costly causing homeowners to reassess their existing space instead. Residents are looking towards home remodeling to provide innovative solutions to integrate new outdoor spaces into their current homes. Spaces such as rooftop lounges, balconies, and decks are becoming increasingly popular. Look for homeowners to get more creative with their exterior spaces as the desire to be outside continues to grow.

Choosing the Right Remodeling Solution for You

Whether it’s the desire to simplify home living, the aspiration for improved outdoor space, or the need for more living space, existing homeowners will continue to look toward remodeling to improve their homes. These projected trends will continue to grow throughout 2024 with many homeowners shifting their preference to convert their homes to become more environmentally efficient. Whatever your needs are, it is important to find the right remodeling service provider that can meet your expectations. 

At D&L Builders, no remodel project is too big or too small. We have decades of combined experience and have completed remodeling projects of all types. We prioritize sustainable building solutions and have reputable suppliers that provide recycled materials and more. 

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