Vanities That Float On Water

Wall-mounted vanities are capable of much more than just improving the aesthetics of your bathroom. If you’ve ever wished there was a better method to increase the square footage of your room, a floating vanity is a step in the right direction. The flooring will be extended all the way to the wall, with a gap left below the floating vanity to provide enough room and, as a result, the appearance of more space. With a variety of options ranging from storage cabinets and reach-in closets to various vanities, you can have a clean, organized bathroom with ample space without having to increase the square footage of your bathroom. But that’s not all there is to it. Having your vanity mounted on the wall also makes it easier to clean your bathroom since it is out of the way. D&L Builders Inc professionals can assist you if you are unsure of what it will take to create the floating bathroom vanity design or how to go about achieving your goal. Consider the following pro-tip: Installing an open floating vanity in your kitchen is a terrific way to make your bathroom seem larger without breaking a wall.

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